Lent is here. Easter is coming!

Ever notice how the way we mark time is by the stories most important to us? Most of us mark time by birthdays (MY story), spring/fall break (school story), 4th of July and Thanksgiving and Labor and Memorial Day (national stories).

The Christian calendar provides a way for us to shape our lives around God’s story. In particular, the Christian calendar highlights the two defining markers that make Christianity unique: the Incarnation (Advent and Christmas) and the Resurrection (Lent and Easter).

Lent is a time of first principles and basic practices. It helps us be faithful to Jesus for the whole year.

As you consider celebrating Lent this year, what basic practices do you need to get back to? There are three basic practices traditionally associated with Lent, based on the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 6: Prayer, fasting, and giving to the poor.

Is there a way you can change up your prayer life? Maybe committing to pray the Daily Office everyday for Lent. Or twice a day even. Maybe prayer journaling. Maybe you need to commit to grabbing a partner and praying with someone regularly instead of just by yourself.

Do you need to practice fasting? Is there anything distracting your pursuit of Jesus right now? I know some people find it helpful to “fast” from TV or Facebook or caffeine or sweets or meat, even. The point is, is there anything you can temporarily remove that might give you a different perspective of God and the world for this season?

And lastly, is there anywhere you can give above and beyond normal for the season? This can go hand-in-hand with the fasting part. Maybe you stop eating fast food and take that money you would have spent and give it to a charity. Maybe you stop going to the movies and give that money to an organization in Haiti.

If you need any more ideas of something you can do for Lent, I’m happy to talk. I hope you can fully engage yourself in Lent, and encounter Jesus in a way you never have before.


About peterjwhite

I am a pastor to college students in Tulsa, OK.
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