Ghana: Day 14

I say “Day 14” because, well… for those of us who have experienced, it won’t ever really go away, regardless of our geographical location. Our feet may stand firmly on Oklahoma dirt, but I have a hunch that the relationships that we started and the things we experienced will stick with us for some time to come.

I had hoped that internet access would have been much more available and that I could have updated here more regularly our daily work, but that just was not the case. On Tuesday evening, prior to our leaving for the airport, I was sitting in Seth Anyomi’s study with a laptop and had typed out a lengthy post for the blog, but by the time I finished writing the internet connection with the server had dropped and I couldn’t get it back.

At some point next week I’ll write a comprehensive, but concise, record of what we did, how we felt about it, what we saw God do, and what we hope God did that he has yet to show us. For now, some first photos are now online. Go check them out.


About peterjwhite

I am a pastor to college students in Tulsa, OK.
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