New to campus? ORU

A couple weeks ago I tossed a campus survey out to a handful of you to see what life is like in your neighborhood. My hope was one or two-word answers for an info sheet, but most answers I got were just too good, so I’ll share them here over the next couple weeks as school life rolls in.

Here’s one from Jessica at Oral Roberts University:

What opportunities are there to serve the community?

I’ve heard from a couple friends about volunteering with the homeless serving dinner or something like that (i don’t actually mean owen park, in case you were wondering).

What’s the best spot to hang out on the weekend?

Being from midtown I love Brookside. It’s a shame shame how many ORU kids don’t know about Brookside. The Riverwalk is popular also, but less awesome, less original. There’s always the mall, *glow bowling* at Andy B’s, and movies.

Where’s the best place to study off-campus? On-campus?

Off-campus: Nordaggio’s right by ORU is good, but can get busy with other ORU kids. Same goes for both Kaffe Bona locations. Coffee House on Cherry Street is a personal like (but don’t tell too many people!). Shades on Brookside is a frequent spot for some ORU kids. Borders (I’ve only been to the one at 21st and Lewis) is great because you can focus as much or as little as you like, depending on where you are in the place.

On-campus: The library isn’t half bad. Your room is always right there.

Where’s the best cup of coffee?

Being a non coffe drinker, I have good answers. Really i do. DoubleShot is awesome. Great little place for a regular cup a joe. Coffee House on Cherry Street can be more versatile with flavors and all, plus other kinds of drinks. What makes a coffee even better is the conversation you have with your barista.

Where’s the best place to eat off-campus? On-campus?

Off-campus: McNellie’s, Dilly Deli, The Crusty Croissant, McAllister’s, The Brook, Brookside by Day, and of course, The Olive Garden (jk on that last one, everyone eats there already anyways).

On-campus: You better stock your fridge with stuff from Whole Foods! Haaaa, okay actually Chic-Fil-A is good because they have smoothies and healthy stuff like Naked Juice and snack bars even til 12am. The deli is great too. Great variety.

What’s the best place to buy/sell textbooks?

What’s great about our bookstore is they’ll buy books from you no matter where you bought them, as long as they need them for the next semester of classes. So you could actually gain money! So buy online and sell to the bookstore!

What are the best elective classes to take?

Any Psych class, especially Abnormal Psych or Marriage and Family. I’m not just giving lip service to my major, they will change anyone’s life.

What student organizations are worth my time?

Join the political club of your party choice and pay attention to the issues. That’s worth your time. Psychology club is also worth your time.

What’s the best way to meet new people?

Get to know everyone on your floor first. It’s worth it. Talk to people in the elevator, before and after class, in line in the cafeteria. Your professors are also very much worth getting to know. Ask them dumb questions when you run into them.

What are the must-see sporting events?

Basketball, soccer, and volleyball are really fun. Volleyball is great because you’re so close to the game.

What’s the best way to experience sporting events?

Go with friends and just relax. Come early to game and watch your teams warm up. It’ll make the game more meaningful for you and for them. Or stay after and tell them how awesome they are. They love you too!

What’s the best way to get tickets?

What? I thought students got in free? Yeah they do 🙂

Any other tips/advice for a new student?

No one expects you to know everything and it’s okay to not know the answer to a question, however deep or shallow that question may be. Care about what you care about and invest in the people around you. No one wants you to grow more than your Father does.

–Jessica is a second-year Psychology major and French minor.


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