New to campus? ORU, pt II

A couple weeks ago I tossed a campus survey out to a handful of you to see what life is like in your neighborhood. My hope was one or two-word answers for an info sheet, but most answers I got were just too good, so I’ll share them here over the next couple weeks as school life rolls in.

Here’s one from Laurel at Oral Roberts University:

What spiritual activities on-campus are worth my time?

Even though it is mandatory, chapel can a very good when approached with the correct attitude. Campus worship on Sunday Night in the chapel is voluntary but is known for being really good. Floor devos are a really good way to get to know the heart of the people on your floor.

What opportunities are there to serve the community?

ORU has a community outreach department; they have all sorts or opportunities one time; once a month; and once a week outreaches of all kinds. They will announce this in chapel and at other events.

What’s the best spot to hang out on the weekend?

Nordaggios or Kafe Bonna are common hot spots all the time; get people on your floor and brother/sister wing together to have a cookout at hunter park; go out to dinner on 71st or the Riverwalk; go to a movie at the dollar theater; Andy B’s bowling on Lewis

Where’s the best place to study off-campus? On-campus?

Off campus Kafe Bonna , Norgaggios, Panera, Borders
On Campus: Hava Java or Library especially in between classes; grab a blanket and find a shady spot outside; there are lots of new tables in the prayer gardens too!

Where’s the best cup of coffee?

Shades of Brown is good if you want to get away; Hava Java is decent coffee and uses sodexo bucks (always a plus). Nordaggios is good coffee and atmosphere .

Where’s the best place to eat off-campus? On-campus?

On Campus: The deli is great if you don’t have time to make it back to the cafeteria for lunch; Lunches after chapel are the best meals in saga (cafeteria) in my opinion. Off campus: McAlister’s, Tin Star, Hideaway, Q-doba, Panera(also a great place to study).

What’s a must-see/must-do unique to south Tulsa?

I will say the Riverwalk in Jenks can be fun, Hunter Park is nice. But if looking for unique I’d encourage people to head to mid town, Brookside, Cherry Street and Utica square, Center of the Universe, downtown etc.

What’s the best place to buy/sell textbooks?

Other students. Only buy from the bookstore if you have to. Find someone who is a year ahead or so in your major. One of the best things is to trade books with a friend. This works great for Gen Eds. Also Amazon or is better than the book store.

What are the best elective classes to take?

Christian Worldview with Jason Larymore (sp?) If you get a chance take it!!!! Also if you are interested in art or music college is a great time. Also if you don’t need it for your major you can take it pass/fail.

What student organizations are worth my time?

A club within your major or department are really good especially for networking and finding friends. For example, I was in business and was in the Accounting Society; I’m not in accounting, but there was a lot of cross over and good people. Also if you find a club in anything your passionate about that will be good; also get really involved in one or two instead of just kind of involved in several.

What’s the best way to meet new people?

Friends of friends, Nords, Hava Java, join a club.

What are the must-see sporting events?

Homecoming Basketball; soccer is also really fun.

What’s the best way to experience sporting events?

With a group of friends or as a manic.

What’s the best way to get tickets?

As a student just show your id and you’ll get in free no ticket needed.

Any other tips/advice for a new student?

Enjoy just hanging on your floor and appreciate the random times of good conversation.

–Laurel graduated December ’09 with a degree in Business Administration and a Missions minor


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