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A couple weeks ago I tossed a campus survey out to a handful of you to see what life is like in your neighborhood. My hope was one or two-word answers for an info sheet, but most answers I got were just too good, so I’ll share them here over the next couple weeks as school life rolls in.

Here’s one from Susan at Tulsa University:

What campus ministry or Christian organization should I check out?

I was involved with the Wesley Foundation (Methodist), Baptist Collegiate Ministries (which has a program I really liked called Family Groups- small group Bible studies), The Newman Center (Catholic), and International Student Ministries (which is a lot of fun for people interested in working with students from other cultures).

What opportunities are there to serve the community?

I worked with Big Brothers Big Sisters, Habitat for Humanity, the Food Bank, and tutoring at local schools. The best resource for any kind of volunteering is Kathy Shelton who works in the Holmes Student Center. She has a super long list of all kinds of volunteer activities in the community.

What’s the best spot to hang out on the weekend?

Woodward park at 21st and Peoria. It’s gorgeous and has a rose garden.

Where’s the best place to study off-campus? On-campus?

Off campus: Coffee House on Cherry Street (yummy baked goods) or the park
On campus: The U!

Where’s the best cup of coffee?

I have no idea- I don’t like coffee.

Where’s the best place to eat off-campus? On-campus?

Off campus- El Rio Verde (Mexican)

On campus- Bonici Brothers (pasta served upstairs in ACAC)
What’s the best way to meet new people?

Meeting new people in the Caf is great because all the Freshman have meal plans. Campus organizations are great to find people who are interested in the same stuff you are

What are the must-see sporting events?

I’d say do to all the different sports and then keep going to the ones that you like. Also, I’d recommend intramural games through the Fitness Center. Get involved in them or go to them to cheer on your friends.

What’s the best way to experience sporting events?

Go with a group of friends.

What’s the best way to get tickets?

All tickets are free to students so there is no reason not to go to the games. Pick up football and men’s basketball tickets from the ticket office a few days before the game. Everything else you can just pick up a ticket right before you go.

Any other tips/advice for a new student?

Get involved in things that you know you’re interested in, but also try new things. There are tons of activities on campus and tons of opportunities to stretch your boundaries. I’d also highly recommend studying abroad at some point!

–Susan, Speech Language Pathology major, 2010

(currently grad student in audiology at Vanderbilt)


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I am a pastor to college students in Tulsa, OK.
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