New to campus? OSU

The OSU Cowboys are back in class. A couple weeks ago I tossed a campus survey out to a handful of you to see what life is like in your neighborhood. My hope was one or two-word answers for an info sheet, but most answers I got were just too good, so I’ll share them here over the next couple weeks as school life rolls in.

Here’s one from Nikola at Oklahoma State University:

What church community should I be a part of?

Life Church is the most attended out of my good friends. It’s a sound church with many options for Sundays. If anything, attend Overflow on Tuesdays at 9pm. It’s a great break from studying to refocus your week. I attend University Heights Baptist on Sundays thanks to their Coffee House Ministry. It’s a very small church. I like how personal it is.

What campus ministry or Christian organization should I check out?

There’s STUMO, Campus Crusade that are really good. If you aren’t rushing greek, guys check out BYX, and girls talk to me about Phi Lamb which I’m apart of.

What opportunities are there to serve the community?

There’s so many, in order not to get overwhelmed join a Christian community to see what they’re doing to narrow down your options.

What’s the best spot to hang out on the weekend?

Since it’s a college town all the restaurants are open later.

Where’s the best place to study off-campus? On-campus?

Try the lounges in your dorms, there’s multiple ones on each floor, and they are usually empty. Find your spot at the library, it’s the best! Off campus, there’s a chain of coffee houses called Aspen that are great to study at, also the Coffee House, which is free speciality coffee!

Where’s the best cup of coffee?


Where’s the best place to eat off-campus? On-campus?

Off Campus, Red Rock. On campus, the little bakery, the market or Service Station.

What’s a must-see/must-do unique to Stillwater?

Eskimo Joe’s! Go during an odd time of the day though, like 3pm, or else it will be an hour or more wait.

What’s the best place to buy/sell textbooks?

Hall of Fame bookstore.

What are the best elective classes to take?

There’s so many, you can take just about anything. Just make sure the class actually counts towards hours, a lot of them do not.

What student organizations are worth my time?

There’s so many, just make sure you’re in one that’s been around for awhile, and is organized. Wouldn’t suggest the broadcast journalism club for instance!

What’s the best way to meet new people?

Classes! I’ve met so many of my good friends in classes, be proactive in asking for contact info to have people you sit next to, to study with. Plus if you miss a class, you can contact them for needed info.

What are the must-see sporting events?

Football! I’ve heard basketball is fun, though I haven’t been. All the rest of the sports are free for students, baseball games are fun to attend!

What’s the best way to experience sporting events?

Just wear a lot of orange. Always sit in the student section, even if you can get better seats elsewhere, you will miss out.

What’s the best way to get tickets?

Gallagher Iba ticket office, for basketball and football since those are the only games that cost.

–Nikola, Broadcast Journalism major, 2013


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