New to campus? JBU

The John Brown Golden Eagles are back in session. A couple weeks ago I tossed a campus survey out to a handful of you to see what life is like in your neighborhood. My hope was one or two-word answers for an info sheet, but most answers I got were just too good, so I’ll share them here over the next couple weeks as school life rolls in.

Here’s one from Anna at John Brown University:

What church community should I be a part of?

I attend Cross Pointe Community Church in Springdale. Everyone is very friendly and its a good atmosphere (plus free coffee and bagels!)

What campus ministry or Christian organization should I check out?

They have Passion groups which are pretty cool if you get a good leader. There are other ministries in school such as dance and prison ministry.

What opportunities are there to serve the community?

I believe there are community projects that students can be apart of at New Life Ranch just a few miles down the road.

What’s the best spot to hang out on the weekend?

Theres not much in Siloam, although they do have a small movie theater. My friends and I usually just hangout in the guys dorm and watch movies. A lot of people go out to dance clubs also which are in Fayetteville.

Where’s the best place to study off-campus? On-campus?

There is a nice little coffee shop thats really good in the middle of downtown called Cafe on Broadway. A lot of students go there to hangout or study. As for on campus I would suggest to check out the library. Its actually really relaxing and easy to study in there.

Where’s the best cup of coffee?

Cafe on Broadway, or in Walker Student Center they have a Starbucks counter in the California Cafe which is pretty good as well.

Where’s the best place to eat off-campus? On-campus?

Theres not much in Siloam accept fastfood like McDonalds and Arbys, but in Rogers or Fayetteville there are some good restaurants. Outback Steakhouse is one of my favs.

What’s the best place to buy/sell textbooks? has really good prices for textbooks.

What are the best elective classes to take?

Whatever you might have an interest in. The beginning art classes are fun and a lot of students take those for electives, particularly Color Studies with Professor Charles Peer.

What student organizations are worth my time?

Intramural sports! Soccer and dodgeball are my favs, but there is also flagfootball, basketball, and baseball.

What’s the best way to meet new people?

During freshmen orientation try to go to every event they plan. It really helps to bond with your roomate or just meet new good friends. Also your hall will have hall activities, and brother-sister hall activities. You should really go to these because its a great opportunity to bond with each other and make new friends.

What are the must-see sporting events?

Rugby, soccer, and the Toilet Paper basketball game.

What’s the best way to experience sporting events?

Go with a bunch of friends and support your team! The rugby t-shirts are pretty cool and not too pricey.

What’s the best way to get tickets?

Students don’t need tickets for sporting events. But for social events such as JR/SR dance or the winter dance there will be tables set up all over walker and outside the caf selling tickets

Any other tips/advice for a new student?

This is your time to make a fresh start in school. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, be outgoing, and reach out to others, this is really the best way to make friends. Just be yourself and you will fit in and make friends perfectly fine.

–Anna, Graphic Design major, 2012


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