Five things 10.6

Your invitations to mission, community and formation this week:

1… Link o’ the week… The Passion Conferences have been going since 1997 to bring spiritual vitality to college campuses. Save the date: January 1-4. We’ll be taking a group.

2… All-Church Day of Service… This Saturday, if you’re in Tulsa, come down to the church at 8:30 am. All of First United will be gathering at 8:30 for coffee donuts and a word from Dr. Paschal before descending on our city to serve. Personally, I invite to come help continuing to clean out the building formerly known as “Kitchen Korner.” There’s power-washing and debris that needs to go in the dumpster. Breakfast and lunch are provided.

3… What’s in a name?… Everything is in a name. And our future home and gathering space (the building formerly known as “Kitchen Korner”) needs a new name. I want that name by November 1, so for the next two weeks we’ll take every creative nomination you’ve got and then vote on them the two weeks following. Whoever provides the winning name gets a $30 QuikTrip card.

4… Hope for Creation… This Wednesday we continue the Blessed Earth video series from Dr. Matthew Sleeth. Starts at 6:30 in room YFC 212. Look for the Fiftyeight banner at the end of the hallway.

5… Table Talk… Sunday, 10:55 am, 4th floor gym of the sanctuary building at the church. There’s good food, good people, and an exploration of faith and the college life. This week we continue our series “Everything is Spiritual.” We’ll talk about community, and how living together is a part of your spiritual life.

Questions? Let me know. Heaps of blessings on you all. Know you are prayed for this week.

Final thought…

“Maybe this is what prayer is all about; one minute you’re kneeling in quiet contemplation, and the next you’re kneeling by an unconscious girl; one day you talk to God about people, and the next you talk to people about God. This marriage of intimacy with active involvement in a hurting world is the very meaning of the word intercession.”

–Pete Greig & Dave Roberts, Red Moon Rising


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I am a pastor to college students in Tulsa, OK.
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