Winter break challenge

You’ve been running full speed now for the past 100 days. Now what? Sleep, eat, Facebook? Come on, you can do better. You were made for better. I dare you to pick even just one from the following list and do it before school starts up again in January.

1. Discuss how you’ve grown spiritually this semester with at least one family member.

2. Take one whole day alone with Jesus.

3. Hang out with one person from high school that you need to reconnect with.

4. Read one book of the Bible you’ve never read before.

5. Plug in fully to your church – volunteering, attending, going to the college ministry – even if it’s not as “cool” as your church at college.

6. Tell your parents how much you appreciate them.

7. Pray regularly that God would make you the kind of student that glorifies Him best.

8. Pray through your course schedule for next semester and discern whether God would have you change anything.

9. Read one Christian book. (Ask me if you need ideas!)

10. Take at least three days in a row to fully rest.

11. Contact me (your college minister) at least once to let me know how things are going and how I can pray for you.

12. Help your parents in some way that surprises them.

13. Prayer walk a college campus in or near your town, even if it’s not the school you go to.

14. Pray for our college ministry every day (and write down anything God shows you).

15. Pray for your upcoming professors. By name.

16. Think up ways to serve your upcoming professors.

17. Pray through your areas of campus involvement. What needs to change?

18. Pray through your college ministry involvement. What needs to change?

19. Go through your closets at home and donate things you know you don’t need anymore.

20. Keep doing the spiritual habits you’ve developed at college – don’t skip once, or it’ll be hard to keep the habit all Break.

21. Call your closest friends regularly, and keep each other on track spiritually.

22. Connect with a Firstie (or even their parents), and help them think about preparing for college.

23.    Read one of the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) straight through, beginning to end, in one sitting.

24.    No matter how cold it gets, spend one Thursday night at Owen Park. Make a friend. Listen to a story.

25.    Read the book of 1 John every day through the break.

(credit to Benson Hines at Exploring College Ministry)


About peterjwhite

I am a pastor to college students in Tulsa, OK.
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