Discipleship: The Calling 1

Check out Luke 10:1-16

What is God’s will for my life?

I’ll tell you what God’s will for your life is. Look like Jesus. Act like Jesus. Be like Jesus. Plain and simple.

All that sleep you lose over whether you should go to this school or that school, go on a date with that boy instead of the other one, major in economics or drama, live on campus or off, study abroad or stay at home… so many decisions, let me guess, you want to know God’s will about it, right?

Here’s the thing. God gave you a free will. Use it. And as you use it, look like Jesus.

Nine times out of ten that I’ve asked that question, it’s from my most navel-gazing, narcissistic place. All about me. And I want God to take responsibility for the decision in case it all goes wrong. So it can’t ever be my fault and I can pathetically whine, “But You said it was Your will.”

Bottom line, this is what God wants from all of us, and it’s our discipleship lesson for the week:

As disciples we are called to be the body of Jesus Christ, and to carry on His ministry.

Your job, wherever you go and whatever you become, as a follower of Jesus is to shout out that the Kingdom of God is so close you can taste it.

So first question, What does it mean to be the body of Christ? It means that God actually has chosen to extend the Incarnation through you, us, the disciples, the Church, right here, right now in your dorm room, your lab, your cafeteria. Jesus is present.

Second question, What does it mean to carry on His ministry? The fact is, while you sit and ponder and stress over your seemingly infinite options, the world around you sits sin-soaked by all the powers of hell. The broken, wounded, lost, and dying surround you. What are you doing about it? Because Jesus is here, in you, something can be done about it.

As disciples we are called to be the body of Jesus Christ, and to carry on his ministry.

Preach. Teach. Heal. That is God’s will for your life.


About peterjwhite

I am a pastor to college students in Tulsa, OK.
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