Genesis: The well

Genesis 24:1–28

This is one of the most elaborate and detailed stories in Genesis, and with it, we begin the transition from Abraham to Isaac. While Isaac doesn’t appear himself, the story is all about him and how he gets a wife.

“How did the two of you meet?” Apparently, the story of how a man meets a woman is gripping storytelling no matter your culture or time period.

Abraham’s unnamed servant takes center stage in this story. What if this is a story about the servant’s faith? What if it’s yet another story about how God provides?

What’s at stake is God’s promise to Abraham–land for his family. If Isaac has no wife, there’s no family to inherit the land. So this isn’t just an open casting call for the next season of The Bachelor. We need a woman worthy for the child of promise.

Faced with this epic task that sends him on a journey, the servant calls on the help of his master Abraham’s God (not his own god). While God doesn’t make an explicit appearance (like to Hagar), the servant makes a very specific request which is immediately met detail-for-detail in the person of Rebekah.

And if God answers this guy’s prayers, what about yours?

What about you? What do you see?


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