Genesis: Mom

Genesis 24:52–25:18

This is a story about the mother of Israel and where she came from. That’s a significant detail that should not be lost on us. She will become the mother Esau and Jacob, the grandmother of the twelve tribes of Israel. And this is her origin story.

Our story, which we began on Monday and the beginning of chapter 24, now comes to a conclusion.

God provided a son for Abraham. Now God has provided a wife for Isaac (a very necessary detail for the continuation of Abraham’s family). One evident thing from the beginning to the end of this tale is the continuing presence and faithfulness of God with this family.

Lest we worry for Rebekah and think her fate is being decided coldly by these men, in verse 58 we see that she voices her opinion in the matter. That’s a pretty big deal. And she says yes.

Think about that. I mean, would you say yes?

In the small picture, she’s about to travel halfway across the country with a stranger to marry some rich guy’s son she’s never met. In the big picture, she’s saying yes to God’s big plan of redeeming the world.

No pressure.

In three simple words—”I will go”—(and the original Hebrew is just a single word) she opens her world to the adventure of God. The mother of Israel’s “yes” to God sounds similar to another famous mom in the Story, Mary. Rebekah has precious few words of dialogue in this story, but what we have reveals so much about the kind of person she is. A person who says “yes” to God.

And this is a step of faith every bit as significant as Abraham.

What about you? What do you see?


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