Genesis: God with you

Genesis 26:6–35

Again we see echoes of the Abraham story. Again we see like-father-like-son. Again we our hero wandering in a foreign land, and despite the promises of God, lives in fear because of his beautiful wife and passes her off as his sister.

How often do we still see that repetition—sons following in the sins and weaknesses of their fathers?

Whether Isaac is a lucky man, a savvy a businessman, gifted communicator, or something else, he grows in wealth and power. The first part of God’s promise to him (“I will bless you”) is coming about. But those surrounding Isaac feel threathened by him and run him off.

It’s in the midst of this life experience that God visits Isaac a second time and makes the promise to him again.

Fear not

I am with you

I will bless you

I will multiply your offspring

We started this story with Isaac afraid and reverting to the best survival skills that he knows. So God addresses that issue head-on. And follows it up with I am with you. Which sounds a lot like the stories of Immanuel Jesus in the New Testament.

And then our story closes with this army that comes out to visit Isaac. How threatening would that feel if you’re Isaac? But the first thing they say to him is We see that God is with you.

Who looks at your life and tells you, “You are now the blessed of the LORD”? Or like Isaac, who are the people around you that don’t follow God who call you “the blessed of the LORD”? What would it take for that to happen in your life?

What about you? What do you see?


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I am a pastor to college students in Tulsa, OK.
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