Genesis: Promotion

Genesis 41:37–57

If there’s a scene in Genesis that deserves a musical montage, it’s this one. Joseph, the boy sold into slavery, sent to prison on a trumped up charge, here is more than released from prison. He’s given royal clothes and royal accessories. He’s given a royal chariot, an Egyptian name, and an Egyptian wife.

He is now the second most powerful man in the world.

It’s important to let this story have it’s impact. It’s the story of Joseph, of Pharaoh, of a national crisis and global crisis. It’s a the story of God’s man having a voice of influence in a pagan culture.

One big question is: Why has Joseph been faithful to God all this time?

For all of these characters we meet in Genesis, God is a wild card. He’s an unknown quantity. There is no church to go to and learn about God. There is no Bible to read. There are no mission trips to go on. No Christian books to read or podcasts to listen to.

We are told that Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob had direct encounters with God. No such story exists for Joseph. Why?

Because the question then falls to us: Could we be like Joseph? Could we, even with the Christian culture and heritage we’ve inherited, endure the hardship that Joseph has? The isolation and alienation that he has? Could we come out the other side as a person of influence with the name of God on our lips where no one else shares that belief?

Joseph is a model to us of being faithful to God in a pagan place. He doesn’t run away from the culture. Doesn’t compromise to it. Doesn’t become a preacher or professional holy person. In fact, he becomes a politician and administrator. And in that place accomplishes God’s purposes.

What about you? What do you see?


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