John: Resurrection

John 20:1–31

Now on the first day of the week.

In Genesis, seven days of creation. In John, seven signs to persuade us to believe in Jesus. What happens next?

This is what happens next: Resurrection. For John, there is an eighth day, and on the eighth day, creation starts over again. New creation breaks out. Life unstoppable. A new age dawns. It is the first day of a new week.

Like the other gospels, John tells the story of the resurrection, but his version is unique. So, it’s important for us to pay attention to his voice, his version of the events, and allow them to speak on their own.

Mary Magdalene (one of the four women mentioned being at the crucifixion) comes to the tomb while it is still dark. She is the only person mentioned, and her motive is not named. She sees the tomb open and runs, shares this development with Peter and an unnamed disciple who then sprint and find the tomb empty.

And we see two different reactions to the empty tomb: The men go back home. Mary sits and weeps.

I wonder if there is a lesson in that for us. I wonder if Peter and the disciple, in their state of confusion, in their not knowing what to do next, have to go to the next thing. Stuff it down. Distract themselves.

Mary sits in the silence. Weeps. Embraces the flood of confusion and grief and despair. And she meets Jesus.

And in the in end, John brings it home. He steps right into the narrative and appeals to you and me and every person who has ever read this story of Jesus. He invites us to believe in Jesus. The evidence is laid out before us. Word made flesh. Water into wine. The sick have been healed. The multitudes fed. The dead raised to life. And lastly, the Word made flesh crucified and held up for all the world to see.

Do you believe? Are you convinced?

What about you? What do you see?


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I am a pastor to college students in Tulsa, OK.
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