Psalms: Prayers about God, loneliness, patience, and brokenness

Some prayers are long. Some prayers are short.

Psalm 11: Here is a prayer reminding oneself about the character of God.

Notice the repetition of the word righteous? It is mentioned four times, and each time it means something a little different. The first time, in verse 3, it’s quoted by someone who isn’t righteous in a mocking way. In verse 5, it refers to people with whom God interacts. In verse 7, it’s an adjective describing the character of God. And then it’s used to describe the kinds of things God likes.

When you pray today, what does it mean that God is righteous?

Psalm 12: Here is a prayer for a lonely day.

The idea of words is central to this poem. Notice the words lieslips, speak, boasts. The words of godless people are contrasted with the words of God. We’re even given examples of what each say.

When you feel alone, can you pray for your words, the words of others, and listen for the words of God?

Psalm 13: Here is a prayer for patience on a bad day.

Sometimes, it’s okay to ask God Are we there yet? God can handle our whining. We bring God our bad days as well as our good ones. And as David remembers here, especially on the bad days, we remember our trust in God’s steadfast love. Because it’s easy to forget.

Psalm 14: Here is a prayer mourning over the brokenness of humanity’s relationship with God.

The world is broken. There’s no hiding it. Both personally and corporately, humanity’s relationship with God is messed up. This psalm is a confession about how shattered it really is. It acknowledges that things are not right.

And it ends on a note that God will restore his people. It is the hope that God is making all things new.

Do you pray with an honest eye on the brokenness of the world but also one that hopes in the transformation of God?


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I am a pastor to college students in Tulsa, OK.
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